In carrying out our traffic engineering services, we employ Traffic Data Logging and Analysis (TDLA). TDLA is the practice of using sophisticated state of the art traffic equipment to record traffic data. The data is then analysed using specialised software to generate various reports which can be used for sundry purposes.

With TDLA, traffic engineers can take accurate record of the total number of vehicles that move across a determined portion of a road or pass through a road network, know the speed at which these vehicles move and classify the vehicles into various categories such as light cars, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, etc.

More specifically, TDLA has the following applications:
  • Traffic management, planning and control
  • Road design and pavement loading
  • Transport development indicators
  • Determinant for road infrastructural development
  • Town planning and development
  • Accounts reconciliation at toll gates and car parks
  • Information bank for research and policy formulation

Our equipment set include:
  • pneumatic tube equipment
  • magnetic sensor equipment
  • video capture equipment
  • mobile weigh-in-motion (WIM) pad for axle load survey

We also have competence in the use of relevant transport modelling solutions like the Aimsun software.